FIX Innostor Hardware Problem

HI again 
too many people have Innostor flash memory 
and so many people emailed to me and have this problem 

some ic «eml3020» is crashed and usb is not worked 

eml3020 is dc to dc convertor 

Innostor like a very old flash havent inside voltage convertor

as we know nand flash used 3.3 volt 
but usb voltage is 5 volt 

some flash like 2251-50 or other have dc to dc convertor but Innostor used em3020 to create 3.3 volt

— ok 

lets test rule

use multi meter 
1-is 5 volt fuse safe? ok go to next level 
not ok > change fuse 

2-Between DP AND DM must multi meter show (900-1700 ohm )
if not show change dp and dm fuse 

3-test L1(Fuse)

4-output eml3020 is 3.3 volt?

if not 

try find on old flash memory have 5 to 3.3 volt convertor

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